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January 13, 2024 ~ Sat

So! Only put in 5 stops yesterday before needing a nap, after waking up at 4;30am. I don't know why that happened! Oddly, I'd forgotten all about the incident with my legs giving out in the morning until after lunch. I was able to get squeezed in to see my doctor.

I say oddly... but it really wasn't that odd. I had a stressful morning trying to navigate my supervisor's questions about the conversation I had with the owner of the company I work for on Thurs. We both have a lot of anxiety working for him... and sometimes we end up taking it out on each other. So I ended up working a couple stressful hours before even heading out for the day.

The doctor thinks I may be dehydrated and we figured out I definitely haven't been drinking enough water. An easy thing to correct! I'm going to start doing some stretching exercises, which I probably should have started long ago. My body is not getting any younger! And, we did some lab work. Will have the results Mon.

So far, they felt a little sore yesterday after the event, but my legs haven't given me any more issues. I even danced in heels on them last night.

I met friends at Huddle Up to see Exit 38 and dance. It was fun.

im allowing myself a little bit of a lazy morning this morning because I have a lot to do today.

Groceries, bath dogs, design ads and a Facebook cover page for a new client. Read a book for my full-time job and finish a project (that may be carried over til tomorrow). Laundry. Definitely some baby time!

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. News. Facebook soon. Have an amazing day!

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