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January 16, 2024 ~ Tues

Good morning. It snowed yesterday! It was so pretty. I worked out in if because it was light, for the most part. Being Martin Luther King Day, many offices were closed.

Yesterday was super productive. Working, sneaking in a little lunch visit with my kids. I finished the admin project. Worked some on my book. Had a great conversation with my mom. It was just a good day. Had a nap. Took down my Christmas tree. Met friends out for a little. The Steelers lost in the playoffs. Got some really good sleep last night.

This morning we have our Tues sales meeting at 8:30. I'll zoom into it. I'm determined to get in a couple good appointments. Last week was slow.

I have a bid to work on for a new client. Yes! Dickie was more than supportive of my marketing work on the phone yesterday and has built me up to a friend. Steady income stream coming!

I have to revisit the conversation I had with my mom yesterday. It was about my book. I shared a photo with her of my sister helping me on it and my plans for next reviews. She wants to be in on it and help! I'm going to send it to her next, this week probably. It means so much!

She also expressed concern with my public disclosure, about possibly losing my current job. I told her I would keep thinking about it, and consider publishing under another name. The whole point though, I think may be lost. The point is, mental health challenges are real. People like me are managing them in this world and living active, productive lives. It can really help to see others doing it.

My hope in disclosure, others will be able to see my success in other avenues of life too... like the author currently has a social media marketing company. See. There it is! (They can go to my Facebook page, Mountain MaMa's Marketing). The author has a social media profile. See! There she is. ____________. There she is on LinkedIn. It's real. She's real. If she can do it, recover from crisis like this, so can I!

I read the intro to her over the phone and she said it was beautiful! 🥰❤️🥰

A book full of hopeful, inspiring, helpful tips for individuals coming out of psychosis. Who knows better than me? I'm an expert on it.

Well! Time to shower and prep for my meeting. Get the proposal for Dickie done beforehand maybe.

Have an amazing day!

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