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January 19, 2024 ~ Yesterday was Tough

So, yesterday proved to be tougher than expected, thinking about the bat-shit crazy comment. But, I made it through with help. Kind words from my brother and a nice long talk and follow up text from mom. I also spoke to G about it, who came to visit last night. A nice long nap after work also helped.

I called Shawn and talked to him a little more about what was said and checked his relationship status. Turns out he is talking to someone but we may spend time together as friends.

Today, I'm going to try to put it behind me once and for all. I need to plan my workday and hit the road in a bit.

I think I'll pay my kids a visit. I need some groceries. I'm going to keep Rowan either tonight or tomorrow night.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Need to post an ad.

Have an amazing day!

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