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January 21, 2024 ~ Sun

Had a great day yesterday getting Rowan. We went to the movies and enjoyed Migration. Following that we came home and watched movies and ate pizza. It's too cold to do much else!

I am not proud of my lack of healthy food options in the house right now. My energy level just couldn't get me to the grocery store. It's ok this once. I did get the house cleaned up and the dogs bathed at least.

This morning we'll get unicorn pancakes then head back to her house where I will stay until I see KJ's beautiful blues! He's slept right through my last few visits. I need to see them! 🥰

Then I have some work to do. A new client for my marketing business, an ad for a new event at the Dugout. Also, some laundry to prep for the week to come. And work on my book.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. Tissues to a sneezy baby girl! Poor Rowie and her allergies.

Have an amazing day!

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