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January 23, 2024 ~ Tues

Gooood morning! It's another cold one!

Yesterday morning was super productive with work and work on my book. I called Dawn and spoke to her about being included in it and, we had a beautiful conversation about teamwork and individuals working together to help someone after sm episode. She told me about a conversation with E, specifically, after my episode in 2006. He encouraged her to visit me.

I also asked her if she would play a part in my revised WRAP plan. She's agreed to be on-call support in reading my blog. In other words, my son, mother or sister can call her if they become concerned for my health in the future, and she'll put my blog on her radar, into her morning routine for a bit. Help out with monitoring my thoughts. What an incredible friend. I chose to ask her to do this when I realized how good she might be at it. Because she's disciplined and a reader already.

I also spoke to Gabby about needing to revise my plan and review it with her and Kalob. This time, Meg's house will be a place of respite, a preferred alternative to a hospital. Interesting how things have changed. I need to share it soon. I plan to put my WRAP at the end of my book too.

I'm disappointed in myself for a couple of things right now. I have a potential client looking for ads and I was supposed to have them done Sun night. Can't seem to get the creative energy to get them done. My financial situation seems a little out of control. I need to stop eating out so much. And my weight is higher than it's been in years.

Last night, I realized one of my girlfriends was about to spend a birthday evening alone. One that has booked a room on a cruise to celebrate mine with us this year. I couldn't have that! Took her some Chinese and had a short visit.

I then stayed up too late finishing a Netflix series, Virgin River. It makes me sad to finish this one because it really was a feel-good drama. Most love interests worked out in the end and there were many. It was really good.

Ugh. This morning we have a sales meeting at 8:30, unless it's canceled again, like last week. For the first time, I actually had my work-day scheduled a day in advance. Progress! I may have made a mistake yesterday though. When putting together my KPIs to send I decided to copy in 3 people, instead of just sending them to 1. I had a good week for leads and added to my email that I felt like celebrating it! May have been considered an odd communication. I hope not.

How am I feeling? Pretty good. But fat. And my hair is overdue for some color. So uncomfortable bit. That should be corrected tomorrow afternoon.

The idea of publishing my book and exposing myself to the world is becoming true and real. I feel like someone coming out of the closet regarding sexual preferences must feel. I feel super scared but also like it is going to be incredibly liberating. I may make the decision to postpone the publication date for my employment risk, but I'm not sure. Once the book is written it's written. It doesn't mean immediate publication is required.

I have ideas to share it with specific people in the mental health field in Virginia, people with influence, to get their feedback before publication. See if it meets the criteria they would have for support of it. I want to know if it will be a recommended read for my intended audience, in my state/commonwealth. I believe it will be. I believe it would be a good gift for recipients of services in state institutions and for individuals who attend peer support programs

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. Water. Blog. Facebook. Maybe I can throw a couple ads together quickly this morning. I definitely should try to make bacon and eggs. Save money. Eat better. In fact, I need to get the junk food I've collected lately just out of my house.

Have an amazing day!

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