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January 25, 2024 ~ Thursday

A slow start this morning after a long day yesterday! Made it to Gabby by 7:30am, started a full day of work at 11am, came and let the dogs out then off to a hair appt then straight to a super late night of pool. I won both matches but ended up not getting home until after midnight!

Yesterday was just, pretty great. It felt really good to be able to help the kids. I didn't even get to hold KJ keeping Rowan entertained, and getting her bathed. Gabby was able to get in some extra sleep then rock and roll with housework all day. Good job!

The workday was nice because we had an unseasonably warm, dry, and sunny day. I drove around the city with my sunroof open. Even had to turn on the air!

I was excited to be able to take the dogs for a quick walk but ended up having to clean up a mess instead. 😢 it seems Diesel is either having some anxiety from not getting out enough, being bullied by Riley (which he does sometimes) or still recovering from pizza found on the coffee table Sat morning. We've had a few messes. I hope it's just one of those things and not his age (10) catching up to him. Poor Diesel.

My hairdresser, frustrated me. I didn't tip her as much as usual because she took 2 walkin clients while having me sit under a hairdryer. I made an appt then called ahead to see if she could take me early so I could leave early. Not end up staying longer. She doesn't speak very good English but somehow she tried to convey to me she took them because I came early. No. I'm so disappointed. But, I still tipped her something because she did a great job.

Pool, I won both matches but only earned the first. In it, I played well and beat someone who is new to 9-ball. Hes new to 9-ball, but much higher ranked and skilled in 8-ball. A good player. The second match, my opponent missed an easy 8-ball shot, early 8'd, then scratched on an 8-ball shot. I don't like winning that way! But, it happens.

I thought a lot during the waiting for my matches about the silence coming from my phone. I'm having a period with no love interest. This is okay. Just a little boring. I'm not interested in seeing just anyone, so it will be silence for now.

It does seem like the man I went out with that I dated 26 years ago, decided not to have a second date with me. We did some texting and talking about it, but it's been 2 weeks and hasn't happened. I'm thinking, he may have just been being nice and trying to let me down easy. My health issues. If it's not meant to be it's okay. At this point, even if he comes through and tries to schedule something, I think I need to tell him he took too long. I don't want to date someone with such limited availability. (He spends a lot of evenings with his kids)

I have to say I'm proud of me for a second full day of eating well, including low carbs. I am already starting to feel better and got myself back down into the 160s. I am 169 this morning. Progress! I really only need to get to 164 or 165 to be back on track from a couple months ago and it can be done, a pound a day! Still, when I get a closer look at my finances I may join the Y.

I feel okay after yesterday's long day, mentally, but am mindful I need to plan my workday still so don't have a lot of time to write. I have a business meeting for Mountaun MaMa's Marketing at 5PM as well. Whew! A busy week!

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Blog. Facebook. A little extra love for Diesel.

Have an amazing day!

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