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January 30, 2024 ~ Tues

Well! I just crashed from after work yesterday until about 30 min ago, waking up from time to time and going right back to sleep! I must've needed it!

Yesterday morning was rough starting because I missed my nighttime meds sun night (fell asleep on the sofa). I had to take them at 5am. Slept until 8:30am which starts my workday late! My boss knew I was late starting too because I had to call him but I didn't tell him why. Maybe I should have. Not giving a reason could look worse.

Anyway, full day squeezed in when I finally did get out and about.

I don't think I've missed a med dose like that in over 6 months. 9 months? I'm proud of that.

So it was after 5 when I finally got home and crashed on the sofa. I missed a call from my brother but was too tired to call him back later. Asked to try again tomorrow (today). I need to talk to him about my WRAP plan. I've spoken with almost everyone else about the changes to it.

I want to let my brother know what it is, because he's in it. In the event I have another crisis, I'm going to ask him to let Kalob know if he sees anything alarming in posts, texts, or emails from me. The plan includes phone numbers of friends that can be called to check on me too, who have committed to calling or dropping in on me if called. Also, the name of the hospital I want to go to (it's close to Kalob's home), if need to go to one, and the name/phone number of Meg, my friend who's offered her home as a place of respite if I don't need to go to a hospital. I can take my dogs there and stay overnight as long as I'd like. She lives alone, is retired and can help. The plan also lists my current medications and the pharmacies I use. It's a pretty amazing tool I've been using for like 15 years now, pretty regularly.

I know my brother can't drop everything if I get sick again, but he may take comfort in knowing he can keep up with me and maybe help in other ways. ** I tend to reach out to him more often when I'm not well, communicate things with him that I don't share with others. We need to remember that as much as my mood can go up, it can go down too. Though it's been awhile. When I share my plan with my brother he'll be able to contact people to check on me if he worries I'm becoming a danger to myself.

I have a good number of people in the plan now. It's stronger than ever before. Including only friends who know all about my health issues and have for a long time. And, of course, my family.

It also includes the name and phone number of my next door neighbor, who has agreed (confirmed 1/28) to care for my dogs for up to 2 weeks in the event of a hospitalization.

I guess I better get myself in the shower and get ready for our Tues morning sales meeting. Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. Blog. Facebook good morning (someone noticed I missed my gm yeaterday! 🥰). It's going to be cold outside today.

Have an amazing day!

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