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January 5, 2023 ~ Fri

So the entire day yesterday was spent working on a project for work. I'm not happy with the result but at least it is close to completion. Need to hit the road and make some stops happen today. And call the boss.

Went out last night for awhile and hung out with a girlfriend. As much fun as could be without dancing. Bummer.

Did make an incredible steak for dinner last night. A ribeye in the oven. Didn't know they could be so good and not even using a grill. Salad to go with.

Also worked for awhile on new ad designs for the Dugout, scheduled out through Weds. haven't scheduled out like that in a long time. Felt good to be so productive.

And listened to PepTalk, an app with positive videos on my phone.

Spoke to my Nextdoor neighbor Michelle and she's being evicted with her kids. I wish I could take them in but I just don't have the room. Will keep thinking about it and check on them soon.

Plan on working on my book more soon as well. ❤️ And taking the next step in planning for itd publication.

Meds/vitamins. Check. News. The dogs are being lazy, almost like they know how cold it is outside. Coffee.

I have a pie, as promised, for my neighbor Chris. But I don't want to take it to him unless I know he doesn't have his girlfriend over. Really not wanting drama, but grateful for him trying to help me with my lawnmower.

Winter weather is in the forecast for the weekend. Yay! And my jeep may be ready today, just in time. Please!!🙏

I think I'll make some bacon and eggs this morning. Keep working on eating better.

Have an amazing day!

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