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January 6, 2024 ~ Sat

Out late with a girlfriend and slow moving this morning. Diesel is so snuggly I'm not going to be able to go for another cup of coffee!

Yesterday was a good workday... short. Finally got my jeep back! Yay! The entire shifting column contains the computer module and was replaced. The Jeep is like new again, all warning lights off.

Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee. News. Ads were scheduled already. Blog. Check! I can feel the vitamin B kicking in and I'm waking up nice.

T offered to walk the dogs but it is COLD outside. We're supposed to maybe get some winter weather. All it is right now is rain. Cold rain.

I'm feeling really good mentally. Being a blog kept by a woman with mental health challenges, living alone, I have to keep reminding myself to keep posts relevant. Consider this.

The December I just had was incredibly wrought with issues! Between my plumbing crisis, Jeep breaking down, 2-week long serious cold and love lost... it's wonderful to think about how I managed without it impacting my mental health. Yes. I broke down once or twice. But a good cry was all that was needed. Yes. I used social media to vent. I kept working. Kept my job. Racked up credit card debt but was able to get through without borrowing money. And my rent was paid on the 5th.

And... I was able to make it to be with my kids. To welcome Kalob Junior into this world and spend time with them. To get them groceries. I was helpful.

This woman who takes a cocktail of meds every day was a rockstar last month I'd say. 😉 and onward and forward we go!

No plans for this day with the exception of maybe designing a logo for a new client. Maybe I'll visit the kids. I have an unexpected date tonight. I'm getting picked up at 6:30. Should be interesting! A car salesman who talks a lot who I've seen out in the past, asked me to dinner. I like a man who can talk. And he seems confident, which I also like. Wish me luck!

Have an amazing day!

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