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July 12, 2023 ~ Did You Catch It?

After a good night of sleep it seems I'm back on track. I see it as a positive that I had a couple bad days and it doesn't seem to have spun into anything more than "Just Work." That was the title of my post last night for a reason.

In other words, it's ok to allow an argument with a colleague to be "just work," and not turn it into a disaster related to my health. I hope I'm right about this. I believe anyone would have been challenged in the same way as me in the same position. I believe I can forgive without being told I'm forgiven, and I can move on. Yes, things may not go back to the same friendship we had but it's ok. It may have been unusual to have the friendship in the first place, and too fortunate. Work is work and I just need to keep my job.

This morning... ~

Good sleep, check. Good mornings, check. Medication.. still good. Memory exercise... check. Dogs good, lazy and fed. Check. (Diesel was even walked last night). Laptop has been charging in prep for workday planning... next on list of to do. Blog post check. Wednesday hump day. Time to get my second cup of coffee.

Oh. I listened to an audio book summary last night about loving everyone, in spite of differences. It was very nice. It reminded that we can show love to anyone, anytime. I may try to do something nice for a neighbor. Definitely plan to pay compliments to property managers in the field. I usually try to but my intention I can feel is getting greater to do so. Did that sentence make sense? I may make a call to my supervisor today and just tell him I appreciate him, and share some work progress with him. It needs to be done anyway. (Sharing progress can only be put off for so long)

Have an amazing day!

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