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July 14, 2023 ~ Kathy & TGIF!

Diesel, I'm worried about him! I joked about the shape of his head, but last night realized it wasn't always this way. After confirming with photos I realize we need to see a vet.

Kathy ~ I was overwhelmed with feelings of missing a dear friend yesterday and realized, the reason we drifted is no more. I'm reconnecting with an old friend lost as a result of hardships related to my illness.

Long story short, individuals with health challenges like mine often find themselves in custody battles and my story is wrought with one. One very sad, long one, including two or more court appearances per year for like seven years and loss of parental privileges at times. Loss of privileges went both ways, in my home and the home of my son's father, emotions were always high.

My girlfriend, Kathy, is married to a friend of my son's father's, causing the two of us to end up in arguments as well. For example, once I was denying visitation privileges because my ex had moved in with his girlfriend, if I remember correctly, and Kathy, rightfully, argued with me about it. Without wanting to get into too much detail, she and I both meant well and were dealing with difficult times. I hated having to take a break from her!

Now, my new job has given reason to reach out to her in another way and all of those feelings came back and I realize, the custody battle is over. Maybe we can be friends again! ❤️🥰 She gave indication that this may be the case and we're planning to have lunch today or next week. It's been YEARS since we've seen each other!! I was in her wedding. She and her husband were there for me when I almost miscarried my son, AND she was the one who gave me a baby shower. I'm getting emotional just thinking about her again!!

I just had to stop trying to be friends because it was too much stress for me. It was so difficult!

JD ~ morning received! 🥰💕

Coffee ~ check!

Dogs ~ check!

Memory Exercise ~ soon!

Gratitude ~ my kids, dogs, reconnecting with an old friend, health, job, JD

Daily Work Plan ~ soon!

Blog Post ~ completed early!

Weekend Plans ~ Water tomorrow, yay! A rafting trip on the river. JD, didn't go see him this week so that I can try to see him this weekend for sure. I'm trying to learn from the past. May dance tonight. Will see my kids I hope. Pick up cards for the Blue Willow Tea Room baby shower :). More planning. Dogs to park. Puzzle. Work week planning. Plant flowers from neighbor finally, maybe.

More happened yesterday ~ Received nice call from supervisor, whew! He's leaving for his trip today and seems to have cooled off from our argument. I was home a little early from work. My brain seems to shut off between 2 and 3, but I start so early - I don't think it's that unusual? Had a nice talk with mom. Her recovery is coming along well. Worked a little on puzzle. Couple of episodes of silly show, Miracle Workers. Oy. I think my boredom will resolve soon with a new project - the baby shower will occupy my brain some but there's still so much time to plan it... so maybe I really SHOULD work on a parade. There's always getting more Mountain MaMa's Marketing clients I can try to do. Can work on other projects as well??

Dugout Friday post needs scheduled..

Oooohhhh yeah. Humor. Maybe picture this girl driving 2 miles around the same block of buildings yesterday just trying to find the entrance to Starbucks? I almost drove through grass to get to it. Nope. Not good enough. Maybe if I'd done it. I'll keep thinking.

On an unrelated note: my poor next door neighbor. I think she's having a bipolar episode right now, based on conversation last night. The way she was talking about a man that was visiting her, needing my lawnmower (totally fine), and giving me a ring off her finger as a gift. She was very emotional. I'll check on her later today.

Have a blessed day!

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