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July 16, 2023 ~ Another Day

So... Sunday not-so-fun day! :) It's going on 10am and I can check a lot off my list. Laundry, dogs, coffee, memory exercise, vacuuming, breakfast. It's easier to get things done around the house when it's so overcast outside. It may be trying to clear up.

Next, a park with the dogs or groceries, undecided.

I read through my journal this morning and am reminded how hard I've been working on me this past year. I added a page from my memory exercise this morning:


  1. Strengths

  2. Weaknesses

  3. Drives

  4. Values

  5. Impact on Others

I've really been trying to figure this one out. Strengths and weaknesses are pretty easy. But what drives me? If I could answer that one. Values are easy, honesty, integrity, hard work. Impact on others, I'm not so sure I have any real idea of this one. How do I impact anyone in this lifetime? I'm afraid I don't WANT to think of that one. I impacted others quite a bit last year during my episode. Year before too. Do I have any POSITIVE impact?

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