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July 17, 2023 ~ Monday

Dogs, coffee, memory exercise, good sleep... check!! Need to find someone who wants to spend time with me on the weekends. ❤️ It's ok. Just need to re-focus!!

Yesterday was a pretty boring day but I did get a lot done around the house, get Diesel and Riley to the park, and then visit a friend for some steak and salad. A healthy meal for this girl who needs to get a few pounds off! Home in time for my evening routine. Started the Netflix series Suits too, which is ok so far.

Today, getting ready to plan my workday. Blog post... check! Maybe I'll squeeze in some more writing around lunchtime.

I keep thinking about something I watched on TikTok last week, an interview done by Oprah of a woman talking about people seeking purpose in life. She said the answer is to stop looking for things that you want and start looking at what you have.

What do I have?

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