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July 18, 223 ~ Beautiful Thoughts

I had some surprisingly good sleep last night considering the late nap, current dating situation, and early meeting in VA Beach.

I'm already on my second cup of coffee sitting outside enjoying the sound of the birds. I've been thinking about the purpose of this Blog.

To capture the life of a woman surviving on her own with mental health challenges in 2023, one with knowledge of Dr. Copeland's Mental Health Recovery including Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) program, peer support services and recovery concepts. I haven't written much about those things yet, but I've been getting good at writing daily, which was the necessary starting point.

I'm also committed to connecting to a degrrr in the future via this platform with Members of Recovery Resources & Support and, my West Virginia tribe. Doing that requires a level of publicity that would put me with my employer though, so it needs to wait.

The title of this post, Beautiful Thoughts, comes from thinking, every thought that comes to mind, making it to pen or not, is a beautiful one because of the simple fact that it almost "wasn't." Meaning, there were too many times over the years that my heartbeat, and subsequent thoughts, stopped!

This morning I'm grateful for being here and being a part of this world where Kalob and Gabby are raising a family, currently caring for our 4-year-old Rowan while expecting a new addition on December 28th. I can't believe I almost wasn't here to be a part!

I'm grateful for my kids, my dogs, my life. My home, though I hate it! Lol. My parents, brother and step-sister. Though I have to be careful talking about them. My job.

I am grateful for my good mornings, which always come. John, the Christian. Jim, my friend. Michelle, my girlfriend. Every morning for I don't know how long! And I'm grateful for the new practice I'm finally getting better at, saying good morning to them all back AND sending good mornings to my kids. Progress that started just this past month.

Time to do my memory exercise and then het ready for my drive.

Good morning and positive vibes!

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