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July 27, 2023 ~ What IS Normal, Anyway?

What IS normal, anyway? All I know is that after all of this practicing to create a new routine, listening to audio book summaries, watching positive TikTok videos (and puppies!) and trying not to let dating drive me nuts, if I don't start to feel some sense of what normal should be in my life soon I'll be disappointed. Ugh. And keep working!

Things seem to have smoothed over with my supervisor. This evening I travel to Norfolk and attend an event with him. We'll see how conversation goes. I'm feeling better about my job again.

I've had some tugging from my MMM client to spice things up a bit with my ad designs (Mountain MaMa's Marketing) and I'm happy to have obliged. With a little more work to do this weekend. All things must continue to change and it's no different. I still enjoy designing, just had a bit of a lull.

I woke up to a jerk dropping flowers off at my porch yesterday. What can I do? Now I have some pretty flowers that are a constant reminder of the inappropriate thing said. Thank you very much.

I've received all of my good mornings :), designed ads, taken care of my puppies, planned my work day (that was done last night), prepped posts for today AND tomorrow, gone through 40 memory cards (from book summaries), and I'm even taking in some water this morning instead of just coffee. Time to get ready to leave.

Have a great day!

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