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July 29, 2023 ~ A Little Different

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Well today was a little different... in that it felt a little normal, in my head.

Last night I went out with my dancing friends who were great to let me be their 3rd. Don was funny telling me Tonya was going to be my wing-man and leaving us to scout the club. He worries more about my single status than I do for sure. We had a great time dancing and made it home pretty early.

Today was an incredibly hot day so I didn't spend much of it outside. Normally I would run outside but we've had such a heat wave in Virginia that I've been getting beat up every day while working. In and out of a hot car all day is exhausting. So I stayed inside and worked on my laptop until after noon.

I decided to give a guy one more chance. He messed up earlier this week but apologized with flowers. I told him he has 2 strikes (I won't get into details) and asked if he wanted to take me to water today. We hit a beach in Williamsburg, a hot dog vendor, and had a good talk. It actually turned out to be a really nice afternoon. We only stayed a couple hours because it was just too hot.

Turns out this gentleman saw my JD out a couple weeks ago with his wife. 😡 Wife or ex-girlfriend, doesn't matter, that was a fact that was ommitted from a conversation. JD kept that from me.

I spent the evening working on my puzzle, watching a little Twilight and episodes of Suits. It was too hot to take the dogs anywhere, and stormy as the sun was going down. I couldn't have dragged a dog out of the house then if I wanted to.

Anyway, I titled this post "A Little Different," because it was actually a day which felt normal to me. In that I wasn't stressed about anything, needing to do anything... I wasn't feeling real creative but still able to do some work on Mountain MaMa's Marketing AND start planning my workday for Monday. In other words, I didn't feel mental today. 👍

I'm going to force myself to stop wishing things were different with JD because they're just not going to be. That is over. I'm going to remind my new interest tomorrow that I'm going to need a little time. And I'm going to take all the time I need.

Tomorrow I'll be on a boat on Lake Anna with friends. YAY!! R&R in order. It was a tough week. This is a good weekend.

Good night! 😴

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