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July 5, 2023

Working on routines, trying to build my spirit. My memory exercise app doesn't seem to be working right. I may switch to podcasts again. I feel good, well-rested.

My daily good mornings have stopped and it's a good thing. Jeff has found someone else. We had some messaging yesterday that I'm not proud of but it was honest. Being in communication with him hasn't been healthy for some time now. He has the power to fix everything between us once and for all but chooses another course.

I have 3 perfect days of work as a goal, meaning on the road on time and out full days, despite forecasted storms. And despite needing to find more props. And including work from home on my time to update the vendor report. I'm resentful.

Time is moving slow and a friend pointed out that this happens when one is unhappy. Is that true? If so, it is what it is and all wil be ok. I need to make some evening plans that will bring some joy though. Isn't that what life is about? Maybe an evening over at Kalob's. Tonight or tomorrow. Friday, I dance! Saturday, a pool party.

I need some groceries and money is super tight. Rent is paid and payroll hits every Fri. So... make do for 2 nights.

Need to send timesheet to office via email.

Need to schedule out ads on social media. Maybe make plans to secure new clients soon? Yes!

Did I write about a call I received from my brother the other day? It was well timed. I was in a mood and I was reminded to be positive and not to blame the past or anyone in the present for my current position. I needed the kick! I do have the power to make positive changes in my life and will stay the course.

I heard from other family members just holiday wishes yesterday which was super nice.

Sooo... memory exercise wasn't possible. Blog... check! Snuggle with Diesel... check! Daily plan ready for work... check! Time to shower and take on the day.

Have an amazing one!

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