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July 8, 2023 ~ Working on Me, For Me

The "I Am" free version of the app, an app I mentioned using in a past post... continues to provide positive messages on my phone throughout each day. Long ago I noticed repetition in the sayings and regretted not being able to feel I could budget a paid version, but I decided to keep the repetition coming anyway.

Who does it hurt being reminded "I'm working on me, for me?" Meaning remember that the hard work isn't for anyone else. Benefits of drawing others to a better version of me is just extra!

This morning I received this message probably for the 15th time and I still appreciate it. What I know is that I'm seeing a passion in me to share with others all that I'm trying to do and those who tell me they like seeing me work on me, they get to stay in my life. I choose them.

My journaling for the morning...

I went on a kind of date last night. I was told where he was going and invited to go. It was to watch a band who were friends of his. I'll count it as a date! Lol ❤️ Because I got a slow dance. And some good conversation. And we would have ridden together if I'd been ready in time. So.. date. :). I've decided I'm going to give this guy another shot and not go out with anyone else for a bit.

He keeps saying, "We're JUST dating!" :) Yes! And I started teasing back, you mean, we're not moving in together? (We laugh) You're not shopping for a diamond? (We laugh). Truth is... it's very sweet how much he seems to not want to hurt me. It's sweet because he sees I'm honest, I think. He can tell I'm real. Read my feelings. I believe. He tells me I overthink things, but I think I'm intuitive. I can do it. Read others, and him.

Maybe a good use of my time soon would be to pick up a book again that a friend gave me, "Please Understand Me," by Keirsey and Bates. Months ago I read it and I believe it is really helpful in trying to understand different personalities. I really believe a good relationship would be worth work and maybe it's a good time for it. I can't imagine what could be better than having a really good relationship with someone I can trust, respect and who views the world like I do.

The band was pretty good, The Josh Duncan band. Country music. I wasn't really crazy about the way my dress was fitting. I think I've lost a little weight, which I needed to do. It was really loose. A product of my money getting a little tight last week, actually. Lol. And realizing I need to cut back on the fast food during the workday for my health anyway.

Before going out last night I rested up a bit on the sofa and have to say... I can tell I'm feeling well because of that time. I caught an episode of Big Bang Theory never seen, which doesn't happen very often, and I was laughing out loud throughout. It cracks me up to think about potential dog walkers on the street hearing this single lonely woman laughing loudly by herself in her living room. (My window's always open). Part of living in a small city neighborhood. Anyway, I try to be comfortable with the idea. And remember that I may find the privacy of country life again someday.

The laughing felt really, really good.

My workday was ok. My supervisor comes almost weekly and rides with me. He's a super great guy who's always interested in how I'm progressing professionally and personally in life. I think we've become friends. I'd consider him a friend with a healthy work boundary. I do share with him the ups and downs of my dating world and he's worried about me! Lol. (He's blessed with a happy marriage of 30+ years, 70 almost years of a happy, Christian life). He wants the best for me. A gentleman who will prioritize me in his life and make me feel special. Consistently.

We had a pretty tough day on the road yesterday. Starting with a follow up call to a lead I took months ago. Reroof of about 15 buildings, budget numbers for work to be done this year or next. Our estimator failed to go to 2 appts now and the customer flat out said she didn't know now if she would accept a bid because she may not trust we'd show up to do the job! It's an important management company for us too. It was really embarrassing!!

Needless to say... Not good. I've only been with this company for 4 months.

Presently... had good sleep... memory exercise... in a bit... dogs good. Vacuumed... Coffee intake - satisfied! Received my good morning! 💕 Blog... check! I need to update my company records for yesterday's activity, maybe do the grass. It's been so hot I keep putting it off and it's quite a jungle out there!

Later today... pool party with family and friends... Maybe I'll blog some more beforehand if I have time. I should. And when I'm feeling well, like I am... I'm more creative.

Last weekend I updated my resume. Maybe what I need to do is start looking again... ugh!!

Oh! Need to pay some bills.

AND... working on plans for a baby shower for a beautiful baby boy coming this Dec!! Will be nailing down the location or getting close to it hopefully tomorrow and work on that more.

Finally... I have a little secret. I put it out there on a Facebook local group page that I may be willing to help plan a parade for the neighborhood. How amazing and fun that could be! And a resume-builder!! I have planned and directed large pool tournaments... parties... conferences and trainings. I've created presentations and done much public speaking. Wouldn't it be an amazing project that could help me professionally, and personally, if I decide to move forward with it? I'd say realistically I have maybe another week to mull it over. Would have to be very careful in the planning to keep it manageable and organized. FUN!!! I'm not sure I have the time for it though.

Happy Saturday!!

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