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June 17, 2023 ~ Saturday

I wake up feeling more creative some mornings than others. This morning, not so much. So what do I share?

I would have to say that yesterday didn't turn out to be the best day, though it was productive. I got a huge lead for my employer fairly early in the day. I spent a lot of time after that, while running appointments, having some negative thoughts about things I could post about in the future. Blogging may not be as easy as people think. I ran through some pretty rough memories and found myself really hurting.

By 2pm or so, after having a protein bar for lunch, I realized I was getting into trouble, even. I've been concerned about weight gain over the last few days and maybe needed more fuel so I stopped for a bigger lunch. Wings and salad and I was feeling a bit better.

Trying to eat well when you're on the road all the time isn't always easy.

I still wasn't feeling 100% by evening-time so I decided to stay in, as opposed to going to an intermediate swing dance lesson. I made self care a priority. I'm really disappointed that I didn't feel well enough to make it, but am only going to be so hard on myself because I accomplished much over the week and just needed some rest.

I worked a full work week AND started this blog, which took the trial and error of 3 different platforms, settlement on Wix. If you're reading this, and you are interested in keeping up with future posts, I chose this platform because you can both make comments and sign up for notifications for future posts. BUT... you don't have to sign up to keep up either. Don't feel you need to download anything on your phone or computer. Just go to the website from time to time.

This blog is supposed to be about the reality of trying to live independently as a single woman with bipolar disorder in 2023. The good and the bad. Sharing lived experiences can bring hope to others that we can get well and stay well for long periods of time. I always believed that it was possible that one day my episodes would just stop. But I've also heard that as I age the chance of slipping actually can become greater. Only time will tell because access to resources and support is only more every year, community awareness and action can only help, and my support network is strong.

The good that I want to share includes moments of gratitude, actions taken for wellness and recovery, and joy-filled occupations, which can be all but forgotten when going through a tough time. I have loving family, loyal friends, beautiful dogs, my health, and a great job.

The challenges I want to share, feelings of rejection from individuals in my life's journey that have been unavoidable, reflections of tough times (don't let me forget to tell the good stuff that brought things around!), and undeniable loss. I've lost relationships, time, opportunities.

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