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June 10, 2024 ~ Monday

Updated: Jun 11

Woke up and did exactly what I told my parents I wanted to do. My grass! I always feel so much better about life when my house is in order. It took forever with my new, small electric mower but I got-er done. Next, I’ll weed whack and spread the mulch out. I ran out of time.

Had an amazing visit yesterday babysitting KJ for the kids so that they could enjoy a trip to the river with Rowan. I had him for nearly 5 hours. Such a sweetheart!

Started reading The Hypnotist’s Love Story, a book borrowed from Mom, during KJ’s naptime. Continued reading in the backyard on a lawn chair when I got home, then on the front porch when it got dark. It’s a pretty good book.

I had a visitor last night and it was really, really nice. JD came over late even though he lives 45 min away and we talked for awhile. He’s been well. I think we may start seeing each other again. It’s on the table.

Time to get ready for work. Meds/vitamins. Water. Coffee. Facebook. Blog. Riley.

Sister, love you!

Have an amazing day!

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