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June 19, 2024 ~ Wednesday

Good morning! Worked yesterday, napped, then went to take Rowan to her swimming lesson. She did good! The kids fed me some ribs made on the smoker when we returned. Yum! And Rowan used the little karaoke machine I got her for her birthday while I was there last night. It was nice to see her enjoying it.

Aside from fatigue and low energy in the afternoon, I felt good yesterday. Maybe I’ll try drinking more water to feel better. I slept a little longer this morning than yesterday too, until after 6. I guess I could stop beating myself up for needing afternoon naps. Don’t a lot of people? I don’t have the kind of job that is safe to do when tired. I get tired when I’m driving and have had to bring myself home.

I wish… what do I wish for? Am I happy? With the exception of my financial situation, I may have to say yes. I am grateful for my kids, finally feeling better after the birthday incident. I love them all so much and believe love is returned. I’m very blessed my son found Gabby, who treats me with love and respect. She makes beautiful babies too! Junior was sweet last night.

I’m also feeling very grateful for my Richmond friends. While not perfect, they include me in their lives pretty unconditionally. They would be there if I needed help too, I think. To talk. Enough anyway.

I’m feeling grateful for E, who really stepped up last month when I was losing Diesel and having that issue with my son. He was a really good friend. I forgot that for a minute after our cruise. And he apologized for some of the cruise behavior. I forgive him. Time will tell if he really understands the issue I have with teasing and if he really cares enough to be more respectful.

Amy, dear Amy. I feel reconnected and so grateful for the time we had together. Forever best friends. 🥰 She’s at the beach with her family right now healing.

C. I love you!

Riley. The anxious dog who doesn’t always like to walk, forced me to extend it yesterday! Pulling me toward a road we don’t normally turn on. I’m going to see if he wants to go again this morning.

I’m grateful for my health. Everything I’ve been through in the past month, the loss of Diesel, fight with my son, cruise, 50th birthday, loss of a friend, and I have not spun into an episode. I haven’t missed a lot of work unnecessarily. I did all of the things I needed to do.

With the exception of alcohol, and lack of exercise, I’m doing pretty well! I did put weight on again last weekend.

I started another one of mom’s books last night, Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins. Pretty good start. I’m a little worried it may be too much of a thriller but I’ll keep going for a bit. Getting scared really isn’t my thing! Lol

I’m disappointed in L but I’m refusing to let it get me down. If he didn’t feel like taking advantage of me being in Pittsburgh when I was then it’s his loss too. We’re not getting any younger. I’m reminded, also, that yes. He is the reason we have been estranged. He made decisions to be difficult to visit. And he wasn’t alone. I’m disappointed, but am not going to dwell on it.

My book. I may pick it up again soon or, write another! I’ve started making notes about more things I feel I could write about. Whenever the mood strikes.

Meds/vitamins (blog reminded me!). Coffee. Water. Riley (maybe he’ll walk again!) News. Facebook. Blog. Mountain MaMas Marketing thoughts.

I’m having lunch with G today. Playing pool tonight.

Have an amazing day!

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