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June 20, 2024 ~ Thursday

Good morning! One more day until the weekend!

Worked only a half day yesterday because it was Juneteenth and most multi-family properties were closed. Finished really early. Took a nap and went and enjoyed A’s pool. Then went to play pool and lost. Again! 😡

M gave me gifts at pool last night and big apologies for not being available last weekend. Turns out he does want to hang out but, doesn’t really feel ready after his divorce. Respect. The gifts, a coffee rub to give to Kalob and a home-made pasta sauce. Very sweet. I had invited him to dinner last Thurs but he had league. Then again to the retirement party but he had to help a friend. I won’t ask again, but he says he wants me to. Nope.

G actually blew me off for lunch yesterday. 😡 I would have sworn I saw him in the parking lot of the restaurant so I assumed he was stuck on the phone, on a work call. I waited 15 min and called him and he said he was at home and lost track of time. He was going to come and meet me if I would wait for him. I told him to forget it. Sadly, it was the first time I wore my new pearls, a 50th birthday gift from my mother. Tarnished with a bad memory now. I’ll need to fix that with intention!

This morning is the first in 2 weeks J finally left me alone. I ignored his last 4 good mornings after he had no interest in getting together over the weekend. Used. Leave me alone buddy.

And E ignored a message from me last night. Said this morning it was because he was playing pool but… he responded to a group text about the same time with a dirty joke! I just really don’t know what to think about him. Sweet one moment… dirty the next! Oy!

Having bad luck with men! Ugh. I’m a little tired of it! Why can’t I just find a normal relationship? Guess I’m ready.

I’m supposed to see E tonight but now I really don’t know if I want to. I really don’t like that I was trying to put a little effort into us to end up ignored. Childish of me? Or seeing red flag and trying to be smart. I want a man who likes texting and talking on the phone.

I’m going to see if Riley would like to go for a walk, then get ready for work.

Meds/vitamins. Water. Coffee. News. Riley. Facebook. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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