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June 23, 2023 ~ Good morning!

Yesterday I worked, then squeezed in a quick little visit with Kalob, Gabbie and Rowan before plans with my girlfriend. Things are getting exciting in that home with a baby on the way!!

Had a wonderful meal with a dear friend, Dawn, last night. Lobster ravioli at Tarrant's West - Yum!! We figured out we've been friends for over 22 years! Our boys were 2 and 8 when we met? We both worked as Finance Revenue Recovery Specialists for UPS, went to Strayer University, and had one son each at the time. Where are my heart emoji capabilities???

We caught up with life and spoke about this blog, how it could be as harmful as helpful to my recovery. I need to be careful not to trigger myself strolling through memory lane! She said that she'll check on me if she sees anything of concern. Love her so much!

This morning has started pretty well. I went to bed a little early last night. I'm starting to see the connection between going to bed early, waking up too early, and getting so tired in the early afternoon. Duhhh... lol It's ok. Actually, it's great! I'm always so quick to want to blame my mental health problems for everything. I have to make a decision to try to stay up later and sleep later, or budget for energy drinks I guess.

LOL or exercise, I hear, can help with energy.

I updated my work records this morning to reflect yesterday's drop in appointments and am proud of the number of touches... was it 12? I went the extra mile for work yesterday even after coming home tired mid-day. Drank a Red Bull and headed back out instead of taking a nap!

I did my memory exercises from Headway this morning already too. I've slowed down a little on listening to books to rest my brain. A little each day is enough.

I'm canceling my trip north this weekend, unfortunately. I was supposed to go back to Pittsburgh and help my mother since she's been down from her knee surgery. It's not a terrible drive, but almost an hour is added each way when I take the dogs to my son's house. And I need some rest this weekend.

At this time I have absolutely zero plans for the weekend and it's Friday. I'm hoping I'll hear from my dancing friends and get my swing on. I'm pretty sure I'll hear from a couple of men but I never know how those communications will turn out. Neither is ready for a commitment and I'm really not interested in casual affairs. It's just been a struggle for me.

I'm concerned with what I'm going to do for the 4th of July this year. My son will spend the evening with my ex and his family, unless I can come up with something fantastic to compete - and I really need to watch my budget! I was ready to go ahead and put some $$ into camping but haven't been able to find anything affordable. I think I need to give up on the idea.

I need to plan today's drop ins and get ready. I can check blogging off my to-do list again! Have a great day!

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