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June 25, 2023 ~ The Date!

OK! So it wasn't love. It was a nice date, Maggiano's is not an inexpensive restaurant with GREAT food, and the conversation was nice as well. He did, however, guide me toward the least expensive items on the menu, fail to check on me at the club later before going to get himself another drink at the bar (I would have been grateful for some water!), and have a non-fan in the audience. A woman who felt compelled to tell me how terrible he is and try to warn me away when we were separated. It looks like we may not be going out again.

It was bad luck for my date that my friends were with a woman he had been out with before. Good luck for me, I suppose.

So it was a fun night of dancing anyway. We saw Flat Elvis at Main Line Brewery and they never fail to put on a good show. It was humid for dancing though so I was DRENCHED in sweat by the time 10 o'clock came around and the band wrapped up.

I heard from an old flame last night, oddly. He decided to call to tell me he left the company for which he and I both worked for a time. This same man told me to stop calling him last fall after having my episode. I didn't take his call but responded via text that I was on a date and if he needed a friend he could call back tomorrow (today). He said he just wanted to tell me about leaving MC and didn't need to talk. Bull. I used to try to give him the benefit of the doubt for not knowing how he impacted me. Now, finally, I can say I could care less whether he knew it or not. That door isn't opening again. I do want to be a good friend to ANYONE who needs one; he won't be an exception.

It's worth mentioning that the man I previously called a predator was at the club last night and... was nice. Ok. So I deleted that post. It's one thing to enjoy women and use some foul language and another to be classified as predatory in nature. I feel less violated. He said last night, "You know, we could say hi to one another!" I said, "I'm so sorry about last year." He replied, "You were just in a bad place!"

I had the greatest sense of peace and contentment after that encounter. It was like a HUGE cloud was lifted from over my head. The thought of people in the world knowing I have bad days but being ok with me anyway, knowing that I don't mean any harm and am just trying to live my best life, is beautiful. I felt like I could be myself.

PS YES - I did confess to my date over dinner that I'd had issues and, if we're out in the city together there will be people who know it. I even told him about the man who might be at the club where we were going. My date had a great response... "Most intelligent people do!"

I'm starting to think that per usual, I read into the behavior of a woman who always looks to the negative when it comes to me. She was trying to describe my behavior as stalking. Perhaps he wasn't the one doing it after all. It's my understanding that she also was in the camp of trying to have me arrested and committed directly out of my home.

~ My good morning didn't come today. It seems my response, "yep," was processed. Friend, if you're reading this, if you decide you want to try to be real and try dating again let me know. I have a place for you in my heart. I wish you the best and if that, for you, is remaining single and having casual relationships for the rest of your days, then that is what it is. You seem to be in a place where you are happy. If it's healing that you're needing, and a relationship later, then I wish you success in that as well. Maybe I'll be available when you're ready, maybe I won't. Who knows?

~ Now to the present. It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day and I have plans to go out on the boat with my friends. The same ones from last night. And they have also invited the woman who had been out with my date before so it should be a little bit of a conversation.

Before Lake Anna, I think I have time to brush Diesel and Riley (bathed yesterday), and maybe take them for nail-clippings and to the park.

Have an amazing day!

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