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June 3, 2024 ~ Monday

Good morning! There is beautiful rain outside this morning and I love it. After so much sun, it’s just nice.

Yesterday I spent a good couple of hours visiting with my babies, then napped and continued working on my laundry situation. I gained back all of the weight lost when Diesel was sick and then some on my trip and have to figure out what fits! Ugh!

Had a couple of nice conversations with friends on the phone.

I did treat myself to wine last night but do plan to stop drinking soon. After Sat maybe, since a birthday gift from a girlfriend is a wine bus tour.

My plans to start working out are going to be tough, I know, because it’s going to mean a change in my routine. I thought about it during my entire trip. I wasn’t able to get ready to start today, since it means getting through more clothes, but soon.

I haven’t mentioned a long talk I had with my brother during the trip back on Sat. I’m inspired to get back to work on my book. ❤️

I’m feeling well. Ready to get back to work in the roofing industry, and on my marketing company.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Water. News. Facebook. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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