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June 5, 2024 ~ Wednesday

Yesterday was a full day. After blogging Riley did go for a walk with me. And I did make it to the gym around the corner, just to check it out. They don’t have many classes there. I may look into the YMCA instead.

My sister was sweet to remind me to take extra care of myself with so much going on. Inspired me to make myself some breakfast.

I picked up donuts for prospects, gassed up my jeep and hit the road for the day. I tried to get a mid-day nap but failed.

I felt cold symptoms so skipped visiting the kids. I felt them all night too but feel better this morning.

I stayed home and watched Big Bang Theory and Outlander, feeling bad, and sad. Sad about Brad.

I received a link to Brad’s obituary from Amy. His funeral is Friday.

I missed E last night and didn’t hear from him. I want to remain friends but am also still processing everything from last week. All of the things said and done. Things I cannot say. He should be going to his father’s funeral soon. 😢

I need to get ready for work.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Water. Riley. Skip Facebook. Blog.

I’ve managed to take off 7 lbs since returning from the cruise. Maybe. I can’t remember if I weighed 182 in the morning or not. This morning, 175.


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