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June 6, 2024 ~ Thursday

A slow start this morning after staying up too late.

Yesterday was a good day. It started with a memorable conversation with my brother. I felt inspired and creative when we hung up, ready to create a new program, or write another book, or both. What can I do to recreate those feelings every morning?

The PepTalk app used to work for me a little like that but no more.

Had a thought that maybe I could pick up a Marketing for Dummies book and get some ideas from it.

Had a good, long day of work with some success. Ran into an important regional service manager interested in our program. Had a good talk with my employer too.

Napped a little after work, walked Riley and went to play pool. Won my match. Left early with the intent to get good sleep but made a stop on the way home for a bit. Saw some people I haven’t in a while. Wasn’t sleepy when I got home so watched some Outlander. Stayed up too late. I lost track of time.

Today I need to work, take Riley to Kalob’s, and head to Pittsburgh. Will probably need a nap before making the trip. I feel all off. Very tired. Dragging. Maybe I’ll see if I can sleep a little more.

Why does my mind fight routine so much? I know I need a better nighttime routine. I know what happens to my mornings when I don’t get good sleep.

Crossed my mind that maybe the medication I’m currently taking isn’t as great as I’ve been thinking, if I’m constantly in a state of unrest. My issues with being unable to figure out what to do with my time, my lack of energy.

A walk. Maybe a nice walk right now will wake me up and do me some good.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Water. News. Facebook. Blog.

Update: took Riley for a walk and jumping in the shower. Have a great day!

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