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June 8, 2024 ~ Saturday

Yesterday’s service for Brad was beautiful. A couple of men provided testimony as to how Brad touched their lives and the lives of others spiritually. It was heartwarming. In his casket during the viewing, Brad’s beat up, written all over in, loved Bible. (See picture) I felt much regret that I hadn’t seen him in so long.

Of all things I received a check in from JD. I’d reached out to him after many months on the trip to Pittsburgh Thursday and we caught up. I shared with him how times have been tough. He asked me how the service went.

I decided to reach out to him because I realized he would never talk to me the way I’d been spoken to recently. He was a kind, quiet, caring, gentle person. I wondered if he was sorry for losing me. And if he’d had time to think about the things that he did. He apologized for one thing. Said he didn’t remember doing it but believes it. Had been drinking. (He’s not a heavy drinker though) We talked about being friends and seeing a movie or having dinner soon.

I had dinner with my parents at Armstrong’s last night and had a wonderful steak salad.

I visited with Amy and her family until later than expected. Talked about the service and how many showed up. It was a great turnout. Played chess with Savannah and Ron.

I started feeling a fear that I will lose my own brother some day. I reached out.

I received a good morning from JD this morning too. Has he missed me?

I’ve been having a difficult time deciding what to do today but think I’ve figured it out. Rest. Mom is supposed to make me breakfast. I’m just going to take my time. Maybe visit with Amy a little more too before hitting the road.

I was tempted to jump on the road quickly and get back to my friends and go out on the boat with them but it would make for a really long day.

If I take my time here… maybe… I’ll hear from my brother. I hope he’s not frustrated with my late message last night. It was 9:30. I thought it was only 8:30. When I realized it was later I decided it was worth the risk.

It’s so hard trying to navigate my family right now. Mom is feeling betrayed that I am trying to mend ways with my brother, I believe. I just want to help them both too, if I can, if they choose. And I think I can. It would take a lot of time.

Casey. I just want to say I love you. Thank you for your message yesterday. Everyone here is talking about driving north when we can!

Miss my kids today but I know they’re about to have a great day. They’re going to a baby shower and then Great Wolf Lodge to enjoy waterslides.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Water. Facebook. JD. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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