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Just Work ~ It's Nice to Feel It This Way - A Bad Day Wasn't the End of the World

So... this morning I didn't get my blog post completed, not really. But I had good reason. Very little sleep.

Yesterday was an impossible day of work because I had an argument with my supervisor. He claims friendship... then throws up boundaries the moment there is any type of disagreement. He was sensitive, stubborn, unnecessarily guarded, and flat out wrong. But I did interrupt him while he was speaking at one point. I can only apologize so many times for it (twice). He's choosing not to accept it and that is on him.

So... I had a bad day and drank soda in the evening, forgetting about not drinking caffeine late at night. I forgot again to pick up Benedryl and I had a visitor. So my sleep amounted to about 4 hours. This morning it was all of my energy to get through driving to VA Beach for two sales meetings, one in person and one on zoom, and back. I also ran a couple of appointments across town before ending the day at 4:30pm.

All in all the morning went ok, I believe, with the exception of hostility toward my supervisor. Yes, toward, not from. His compliments weren't accepted. His behavior not overlooked. But I believe I remained professional enough. The last one-on-one conversation we had included him pretty much yelling at me so until I receive an apology we will not be ok. I'm hoping he's mature enough to know it and will come to his senses by the end of the week. He'll be on vacation next week.

He left after our meetings and I stayed, had lunch with the owner of the company in his office and DID NOT gossip about him. I didn't mention the drama in any way and it didn't seem the owner knew anything about it. Interesting.

I did call our sales manager while driving back from VA Beach and tell him about the argument. I felt I needed to explain my behavior because at one point during a meeting while everyone was participating in an exercise he asked me if I was bored. In front of everyone. It was embarrassing!! I just wasn't jumping in with comments because I was having trouble focusing on the conversation. I worried about how I came across and felt explaining that the morning was difficult for me might help us all. I didn't go into very much detail, but maybe too much. Only time will tell. I did say that I hoped my supervisor and I will be able to work through what happened and told him that I apologized for my behavior. It was all I could do.

A little more about last night ~

My visitor was a total gentleman. Our time was fun and light. It turns out I think not only does he like the photo of the puzzle a bit, he may wish he had someplace to hang it AND he started helping to put it together. That was a pleasant discovery. He just dug in! Except he didn't realize all of the puzzle pieces in the box had already been turned over so he messed them all up rummaging through them! He's forgiven. He was a total gentleman and it was a complete joy to have him and see him smiling.

One more thing ~ I'm proud of me for keeping a commitment to Tammy and Tiffany tonight, after the past couple of days, by going to a birthday celebration for Tiffany at the Great American Ranch in Mechanicsville, VA. Line dancing. I took a long nap after work and managed to get out and join them from 8:30pm - 10pm, a late night for me during the week. Since taking time off pool league I haven't stayed out so late. Feels like a long time, but it's actually only been a little over a month since taking off Mon nights. Anyway, I'm proud of getting myself there.

Tammy and Tiffany are friends made last year when I worked for Hermetic Networks, in Chesterfield. Tammy is the best networker on the planet. I'll be writing more about her soon I think, since I received an invite to visit her new home in Myrtle Beach - which I'll take her up on! Tiffany, I'll be writing about her because I think we're going to meet again soon at the Ranch for some more line dancing. Seems they have it every Tues night. The crowd tonight was young, but amazing. It was fun!

Oh! We put Gabby's Baby Shower invite out there on Facebook today! Things are in motion! (see the photo of the Facebook event page I created last night.) I can't believe we're having a baby!!

Good night!

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