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March 11, 2024 ~ Monday

Well the weekend was just lovely. We had a small 85th birthday party with honored guests. We had a lot of baby time and two full nights of. time with sweet Rowan. We squeezed in a movie snd some good food and the weekend was one for the books!

We didn't talk about the problem. It wasn't necessary.

I spent yesterday evening preparing for work today, to make up for taking the day off on Friday.

I did mess up my meds Sat night being a little off with company but am back on track. There was little noticeable difference. 😉 An interesting fact, I had an ambitious, creative dream after taking my morning meds at night. I wish that happened every day! It has been a long time.

Feeling ok. Might sleep just a little more before showering.

Have an amazing day!

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