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March 14, 2024 ~ Thurs

Sooo... yesterday was feeling down about my rental situation. Throughout the day I reminded myself that it may not be forever, I may still pulll out of this. And, something I tend to forget, I'm living on my own. There are still many people in this world unable to ever be able to make it on there own, even in rental situations. Money. Health. Strength. Lack of support. Lack of knowledge. For all kinds of reasons. My house may not be great, but I should still be proud of myself.

I am considering talking to my doctor about my meds. Something disturbing happened last weekend. I messed up my meds on accident, being that I had company. I accidentally took my morning meds at bedtime. The result? My sleep wasn't too disturbed, which was a surprise. But! I had a creative dream and woke up energized. I feel like maybe my evening meds can be adjusted, somehow, or changed, to get me back to my creative self. That's the way I feel I should be waking up. I'm back on schedule now, but am reallly thinking about it.

I scanned some jobs yesterday and spoke to a couple people about keeping an eye out for job openings for me, keenly aware that my situation can improve easily with just a small bump in income. I'm paycheck to paycheck. This can be fixed!

Also, I can get back to work on my book. It isn't just something that may help people. It's also a potential additional source of income.

G hasn't been checking in on me since I warned him my feelings are returning. It's for the best. I did call and check on him yesterday and he said he's had a cold. I don't want to lose his friendship, but maybe we need to establish some of our old boundaries.

Yesterday was a ridiculously beautiful day out! I had a full day of stops and some training for work in the afternoon.

Spoke to Gabby about helping them out if she wants to start working out with Kalob. Gives me baby time, helps them, and incentivizes me to get into a new routine and start working out too. I need a place with a pool, cardio, and pickleball!

Took Diesel for a walk. Riley didn't want to join us.

Last night, I was murdered in my 9-ball match, then turned around and took no prisoners in 8-ball, winning my first 3-0 match at my ranking. (4)

Eric, a colleague, came to Diamond Billiards to check it out and was a hit with my team. Nice to have a visitor.

Need to plan my day today. Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Facebook. Blog.

Good morning!

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