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March 15, 2024 ~ Friday

So... yesterday was an overdue good day for the most part. This nice weather streak is helping!

It started with an hour and a half conversation with the owner of the company of which I work. I was reminded that as much of a pain as he can be it's a good job and a good place to work. I kept up with him well and made progress. He called at 7:45am!

I'm also reminded that this job I have provides a ton of flexibility in scheduling on most days, and almost every day I finish up early enough. If I could tackle the drop in energy I have in the afternoons somehow... and supplement my income a little more... life could be good and on track.

I celebrate one year anniversary with the company soon which, he didn't say, might also come with a small raise. I hope I hope!

I finished up around 4 yesterday and laid out in the backyard for a couple of hours. The sun is taking care of the breakout on my face which, I haven't said, has been psoriasis related and very frustrating.

THEN... I did something REALLY productive, cleaned out my shed! This has been long overdue. It's almost done. I'd say it's done but I really need to repackage holiday items.

I made a terrible discovery. The boys that used to live in the house next door had gone into my shed. There was a note saying they would buy me more things. Problem is, I don't know what they took. Also, someone shaved the head of my son's childhood rocking horse. 😡

Thinking about his childhood and looking around, I thought, I'm just so glad they didn't take his Lionel train. Then I put it together!! I still have to test it, but we're about to have some fun with Rowan with it. It fit perfectly on the floor in the shed.

I'm feeling pretty good mentally today. I needed yesterday. The accomplishment of tackling the shed... I didn't mention, we stuffed a sofa in there a few months ago and it has been impossible to get around. I was able to make room for it back against a wall. I was going to sell it but now I'm thinking... I may want to use it again someday. Tackling the shed needed to be done soon because I'll be buying a new lawnmower, which will need stored there.

I'm also ashamed to say I left my lawn furnishings out in the weather too much over the winter. Last night, I took the covers off and washed them. And I cleaned up the backyard. Picked up sticks. It's coming together ready for this spring. Maybe I'll get some flowers soon too.

I need to get ready for work. Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Facebook.

Have an amazing day!

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