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March 16, 2024 ~ Saturday

Yesterday was a good day. Had a full day of work, a quick visit with my kids, taking Rowan photos for her little album and a couple things of Kalob's from the shed to him, then cleaned up the backyard some more. It's really coming together. I have a big pile of boxes and items that are broken to go to the dump. Kalob is supposed to help with that.

Last night I went and had dinner by myself at Bryan Park and Grille, wings and a salad. I'm finishing up a full week of good low carb eating. Then I came home and worked on my book.

This weekend I have some work to do for my boss, and I think I'll finish reading Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.

I need to visit my babies today too, if I can, of course!

I'm feeling good again. Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Dogs. Facebook. News. Blog. 💃 Will dance tonight!

Have an amazing day!

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