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March 19, 2024 ~ Tues

Yesterday was a quiet day. Worked. Relaxed at home. Got some good rest.

Have a sales meeting this morning and a workday ahead. Need to get ready!

I'm fighting low energy. Ugh. Just keep going!

Need to check out some gyms I guess. Low carb dieting isn't good for energy. Oy

Struggling with negative thinking too. G hasn't been calling since I told him I was getting into my feelings again. E says he cares, but he was very clear about his interests too. Not necessarily a relationship. Why can I not just be happy alone? I think I'll get used to being alone for awhile.

My book, it's important. That's what I'll work on this weekend. And family time. And exercise. For me and my dogs.

Money is too tight. Way too tight.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Facebook. News. Blog.

Oy. I wish I felt better.

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