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March 22, 2024 ~ TGIF

Good morning! Yesterday was a day and G came over last night. He was a perfect gentleman and went home early. We played backgammon, danced, and he cooked me hot dogs. It was nice. He didn't even try taking things further after I warned him about it on the phone.

Feeling good. The weather has helped. It warmed up some and I have accepted wearing jeans for work, to keep warm, this week. After getting so irritable from being cold earlier this week. There are worse things! lol

I need to plan my day and shower. Dance tonight. Shop for groceries for Rowan's visit tomorrow. Maybe we'll have an Easter egg hunt since Easter is almost here. 🥰 I think she and I may practice using my vlog camera. Sing Country Roads. I need to practice using it for work.

I'm grateful for my life. It might be tough, but it's mine and full of options. And family and friends. I'm grateful for the life-changing medication I started in 2022. My world is entirely different. I'm still having trouble filling up all of the time it has provided me! I'm grateful for my beautiful dogs. My poor Diesel's eyesight!

I'm grateful for my job, even though it's a little tough I realize, being alone and in my thoughts most of every day.

I'm grateful for my coffee! And my blog!

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. News. Coffee. Facebook. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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