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March 25, 2024 ~ Monday

Had a super productive weekend. Friday went out with friends. Sat held KJ for a few hours then brought Rowan home for an overnight. We packed a lot in! Then I stayed home all day and night and worked around the house and planned my Monday workday. I also created ads for the full week and scheduled them for posting for the Dugout.

Today, Diesel goes to work with me because we're squeezing in a trip to the vet in the middle of the day. We need to get his poor eyes checked out. I think he's just getting cataracts from old age but we'll make sure it's all it is.

G checked on me a couple times over the weekend which was nice, including a call last night. He's just, in my life. I haven't heard from E and his lack of effort equals, one thing being too important to him. Disappointing.

Feeling good mentally.

Rowan and I made a fort, ate pizza, made a necklace for Gabby, painted a butterfly, played with play dough and watched movies. We made it to SB's for breakfast even though it was freezing out. She was fun the whole time. A real sweetie. It was nice to look at it as a break for her from home life. She woke up asking to stay a second night. 🥰❤️

She cracked me up in the restaurant. An upbeat song came on and she tried to get me to dance in the middle of the floor while we were waiting on our food. If we hadn't been seated close to the door, where it was cold, I would have. She knows me so well!

At home, I glued and hung a puzzle. I was waiting to do it with Rowan but she chose not to help because the glue smelled so bad to her. lol. I also went through paperwork from the dining room, overdue. And got some organized for work. It was a relaxing day. I read the instructions for getting Kalob's Lionel train set going again, which I haven't told him yet but I set up in the shed. Turns out it may not be running because it needs greased after all of these years. 🥰

I also pulled out and got familiar with my travel vlogging kit, a little. It's a little complicated. Packed it back up!

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. News. Rowan was cracking me up begging to listen to the weather man. It's going to be cold but a pretty day. Facebook. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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