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March 29, 2024 ~ Good Friday

Good morning and happy Good Friday! Easter's around the corner!

Worked until 8:30pm last night and struggled to stay awake for a little while, caving in around 9:30. So! Here I am up early again! I gave up going back to sleep at 5:30.

Being Good Friday I believe most properties will be closed today so I should make it an admin day at home. I'll call my boss in a bit about it.

I'm feeling like a terrible pet owner since my dogs have been struggling with fleas. I plan to set off flea bombs after work today or in the morning, depending on the weather, when I can take the dogs in my car for a couple of hours. After baths too of course. What an ordeal. Then blankets will need washed as well. Ugh. I did put their monthly flea med on their backs but apparently it didn't work this time.

I was going to try to get Rowan tonight but it doesn't look like a good idea now. Too much to do with the dogs.

G called just to check in again last night. I wonder how his mind works, what he's thinking. That's the 3rd check in in like 4 days. Is his heart turning again? I wonder how much of not seeing him more may really simply have to do with his sick dog and work. Time will tell.

Ready to work. Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Facebook. TikTok. Blog. Time to jump in the shower!

Have an amazing day!

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