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March 8, 2024 ~ Friday

Good morning! It's a beautiful day!

Spent yesterday and last night getting ready for what is going to be a wonderful weekend. It's going to be beautiful watching my parents spend time with their great grandbabies.

I'm not angry at all anymore. It took a little processing, but the truth is it's okay to have different opinions. I don't need to publish in May if it's not the right time. My job is an important factor.

My thoughts are of gratitude for the part I get to play as MiMi. And I am going to pray for someone having surgery today.

Then I'll shower and head to Gabby's. I may take a personal day from work. I may go ahead and work after a short visit. I can't make up my mind.

Then I'll pick up some groceries for this evening. 🥰

The sun is shining. Have an amazing day!

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