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May 10, 2024 ~ Friday

Good morning.

Yesterday was a good day for us in that the weather was cool enough to take Diesel in my car for the first half of it. He enjoyed pupperoni and burger for breakfast and an almost 4 hour ride, even sitting up and putting his head out the window for a bit. Something he hadn’t done in weeks. Of course, that happened as I needed to stop for a restroom break. I struggled for awhile driving a neighborhood not wanting to stop and lose the moment!

He felt like another ride after hot dogs for dinner but slept the entire journey. He’s been sleeping since.

Two of my girlfriends have offered to go with me in the morning if I want them to which is really, really nice. I’m not sure I won’t keep him a little longer, but when the day comes I think I’ll be okay on my own. It’s a long drive and I’ve had to do this alone before.

This evening is roller skating, I believe, a little celebration of Rowan’s 5th birthday, which is tomorrow. Our big girl. 🥰

I am hoping Diesel will want to go for another ride with me this morning. I need to schedule my day and shower.

I’m taking things a moment at a time.

Sleep. Sleep was really sound on a new med. I did wake up twice but was able to get back to sleep. *** I’m not struggling to wake up. Six and a half hours is good. I feel good.

My poor baby is stretching. Aww he just gave me his belly. 🥰❤️

I had a nice conversation with mom last night.

Meds/vitamins. Water. Coffee. Dogs 😞 News. Facebook. Blog

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