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May 11, 2024 ~ Rowan’s 5!

Good morning. Rowan our Angel is 5 today. Sweet, sweet Rowan.

Yesterday was a full day of work with a little ride-along companion. Diesel laid still in the backseat, no head out the window, but he wanted to go. We did a bucket list pup cup from Starbucks but he didn’t like it. Pepperoni, the real stuff, he did.

After work, he wasn’t ready to get out of the car so I took my laptop to the car and finished up what I needed to do in the backseat. A call to Rick and leads entered.

We picked Riley up for a little while then and went to the park. Both heads out the windows but Diesel was really frustrated, even growling at Riley a couple times for being clumsy. Riley gets anxious and excited in the car driving around the park and moves his 85 lb body back and forth window to window pushing anything (Diesel) in his way aside. I can’t take them both again. We did a short walk but it’d cooled off quickly and I was in a dress. Had to call it.

We dropped Riley off and went back to the park, picking up burger on the way. Diesel and I ate together. I’d changed for the weather but he didn’t seem to feel like walking anymore.

I drove us around a little more then headed home. 30 min of snuggle time on the sofa before heading out.

I didn’t want to leave Diesel but Rowan is importantly too. I met the family roller skating, part of her birthday weekend, and it was nice. She did great. So did MiMi. I’m going to feel it today though. It felt good to break a sweat.

Kalob reminded me that as I’m making a decision about Diesel, I have to keep in mind why. He is not old. He has a lot of problems. Kalob is right. There’s a really bad day quickly approaching no matter what, and it could be really painful for Diesel.

In getting home, he didn’t even acknowledge me as I walked in the door, or when I petted his head and spoke to him. He was out. Like he was most of the day. I sat with him on the sofa for a bit before moving him to the bed with me.

This morning, I noticed tossing and turning, Diesel trying to get comfortable. Time for meds which seem to be working. He did swallow it for me.

Riley is laying on the bed with us. I wonder if he knows what is happening.

I’m back to today may be the day. I believe it may be best for him.

This evening, I visit Rowan and give her her gift. Tomorrow, Mother’s Day, I’m honored to babysit KJ so that Kalob and Gabby can take Rowan and have some fun. 🥰

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