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May 16, 2024 ~ Thursday

For the record, I am just done. I am done with the man who has no integrity. It’s been 4 years, he replaced me quickly, made a decision to be just done with me, and now…

After preaching in front of me for so many years respect for adults, to be okay with what happened last weekend. No.

For the past five days my mind has been flooded with all of the terrible, terrible reasons I truly had to leave. If keeping those memories top of mind is what I need to do now, I will.

How can that selfish, arrogant man ever end up prioritized over me? After everything he did?

As for his sisters. No. No Grace. No Grace will be given to the women who refused to attend the baby shower, like children unable to control their behavior. The sight of me was too much to bear. They have no idea what it was truly like to tip toe around that man FOR 15 YEARS! I deserve respect!

I’m going to make a proposal this evening to just never talk about them anymore together. My anger over last weekend is appropriately channeled. I will forgive him and his sisters, but from now on, I will have no part of anything to do with him.

And I will start praying, if there is a God, that my son turns out less like him. Selfish and arrogant is not a good look.

I have to get a workday planned.

I wasn’t clear. This evening we are supposed to have a sit down about last weekend.

Truth is, I may need a little more time to process. I’m truly, truly afraid of what may come.

There are a lot worse things I can do than vent on Facebook. Shun a baby shower, for example. Make everyone too uncomfortable to be in the same room together, another.

All that really matters, I believe, if there won’t be a repeat of last weekend, is to get on the same page about the kids.

No, I will not let on to them what a POS I believe my ex can be. That’s simple enough. I don’t want the negative stuff around the kids either.

It’s weird to think about being out in the community now and actually having enemies but I thought about it like that yesterday, on the road. The possibility of running into my ex or one of his sisters. I’ll be ready to ignore and be on my way.

Meds/vitamins. Water. Coffee. Dog. News. Skip Facebook still in a mood. Blog. Maybe Facebook.

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