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May 17, 2024 ~ D-Day, 50 is Coming!

I’m still feeling bad, but MUCH better. My kids visited last night and we had a really good talk. I’m still processing all of it and am trying to figure out how to share.

I feel heard. And I feel like we’ll all do better. It won’t happen again. I feel grateful for the grace I was given over my Facebook blast. I was really worried. I feel soooo grateful for the honesty received and I believe what I was told. It wasn’t really thought out. One of my biggest issues was thinking it was planned and thought out. No more.

Notable, it did not end up being a conversation about my mental health, which was a big fear. And it did not include any threats of exclusion in the future. Also a big fear.

I feel like the bond I have with my son remains. My biggest fear, forever now, being losing him, may never come to fruition.

With the exception of the Facebook blast, I’m really proud of getting through this week. And how I discovered I do have pride and deserve respect. I may not be a perfect person, but I am a damn good one. Or I try to be. And that’s all we can do. I try to be a damn good MiMi and a damn good mom too!

Maybe now I can focus on being a damn good employee, or at least a better one. For all his faults, my boss has earned some loyalty this week.

I’m proud of Kalob also for telling me that no, he doesn’t want to be taken off my WRAP plan. I did ask him if maybe he was too busy. What happened this past week really wasn’t considerate of my health, there wasn’t checking in about Diesel or the party very timely. No, he’s okay and understands what happened. Interestingly and wisely he commented that perhaps he was thinking I was managing my emotions over Diesel the same way he would manage his emotions over the loss of a dog. I think it was a big learning opportunity for both of us. I’m no longer hurt by that either.

My poor Diesel. My snuggle buddy. I’m watching and appreciating Riley right now, but right now would have been about the time Diesel would be telling me to love him! In my face. Saying get off your phone and pay attention to me mom!

Time to start thinking about my workday and getting ready.

Meds/vitamins. Dog. Water. Coffee. News. Skip Facebook maybe? Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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