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May 19, 2024 ~ Sunday

Good morning! From a second night on the sofa! My sheets are in the dryer.

I have mixed feelings about yesterday. On one hand, he was sweet. We met for brunch and spent like 3 hours at Cracker Barrel. On the other hand, because it was turning out I would stay in for the evening, he needed clarity that he was still free to hook up with whomever. I’m not going to keep putting time into something so fragile. I thought we may be going someplace. It’s okay. We’ll be friends.

I heard from an old friend about a Facebook post. I told her the real reason my marriage failed. Her “there are two sides to every story” earned her a blocking. She must be friends with his new girlfriend. Her “two wrongs don’t make a right” was absurd. A Facebook post being compared to his poor behavior. Really?

I’m okay. Feeling better after a tough week. Grateful for my family, friends, dog and blog. Employer.

Grateful for Facebook and TikTok, both tools that helped me get through yesterday. All I did through the rainy day after getting home from brunch, was scroll. I was planted. My body needed rest I guess.

Riley’s taking his time in the yard this morning and I love when he does. He smells the rabbits. He’s well, ate a good dinner last night and loved on me a little this morning.

I have plans today to visit my kids… KJ is going to try baby food for lunch! So exciting to have this first approaching!

And today, I will do some shopping for my trip. I need a couple new bathing suits and dresses.

Oh. And I’m supposed to go help make the shirts.

Meds/vitamins soon. Coffee. Water. Riley. News soon. Facebook soon. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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