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May 21, 2024 ~ Tues

Well! I had a great day yesterday. I spent too much money, but squeezed in a trip to my old hairdresser and I feel like a new woman. She did an absolutely fantastic job on my color and layers.

THEN… after my workday I actually succeeded in getting about 80% of my yard taken care of before dark. The task with my new lawnmower takes twice as long because it’s so small and it took even longer because the grass was so out of control. I’m super proud of myself! I’ll finish it up today.

Today, I will also finally make the necessary trip to Kohl’s to get some things for my trip. 2 new bathing suits, a formal dress, maybe more. I can’t believe we leave in 3 days!

Today or tomorrow I need to squeeze in a trip to the nail salon.

I also need to take care of Riley today or tomorrow and get his nails clipped. A friend offered to help me try to do it myself. Riley hates having them done terribly and it’s always been difficult.

I have a sales meeting at 8:30am and need to create a schedule for the day.

My colleague’s surgery went well yesterday. 🙏 only needed a double bypass after all, instead of a triple. Puts life into perspective.

I can hear a train. It’s interesting how I rarely hear them. They remind me of being at my grandma’s house as a child. Her house used to shake when they’d pass. Her curio cabinet.

Yesterday morning, I heard from my brother about a wonderful project he’s working on. I’m so proud! I took a little time to tell him about what happened last week and he had some good advice. BUT, he also said try to learn to be stoic. After looking that word up, I’m thinking it means bottle things up, which is really not healthy for me. Shove things under the rug. Suffer in silence. Maybe I’m taking it too literal.

Still, I’m feeling much better anyway.

My kids are sick, Gabby, Rowan and KJ. ☹️ Wish I could help them!

Meds/vitamins. Riley. Coffee. Water. News. Facebook. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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