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May 22, 2024 ~ Weds

Good morning! In 2 days we’ll be on our way to Miami!

Yesterday was a day. Started the day with communication with my best friend Amy about recent trials. It’s so nice to have her to share with. She always makes me feel heard and understood. I was still struggling with the party incident.

Finished mowing the grass up front. Worked and picked up bathing suits for my trip. Getting excited. Took lunch to Gabby. She’s still not well. ☹️

Last night had crab legs and popcorn at a friend’s while watching Banshee. It was fun. He was so sweet to swing by after work beforehand also, and help me clip Riley’s nails. Not an easy task.

Today I need to start really packing, figure out what I have and what I really need. Need to work and swing by a Ross, Best Buy (portable charger), and maybe Kohl’s again.

I have pool league tonight but may skip it, depending on what happens with shopping today.

I’m grateful for my life, even though it is not perfect. When I return from my trip, I’ll start digging in and figure out how to start tackling my debt. Maybe more side-work, marketing?

Time to get in the shower.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Water. Riley. News. Facebook. Blog.

Have a great day!

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