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May 23, 2024 ~ Thurs

Nooooo!!! Thought I got some shopping done for my trip, and, mediums aren’t big enough! One snug dress I have for dinner our first night. I have work to do today! It’s Thursday and we’re leaving Friday at 3am I think. I’m not ready!

My anxiety is through the roof. I’ll take some medication for it today.

Did get my nails done which was needed. And the front yard is cleaned up finally. Started packing. Have a bunch of snug casual clothes for breakfast and a couple of big girl bathing suits ready to go. Washed everything that needed to be washed. Made some space on my phone for photos, I think.

Garbage is on the curb.

Getting some love in with Riley, whom I am starting to miss already! He was very attentive to me last night.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Water. Riley. News. Facebook. Blog. ❤️

Lord help me be successful and smart today!

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