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May 2, 2024 ~ Thurs

Good morning! Yesterday was super busy, meeting R early at the office for admin work before heading out for the day. Spent the day on the road and then finished work at 6pm in the backyard planning today. Ugh. Hard to explain but my brain is doing overtime. Tired!

Didn’t get home until almost 1am last night after pool. We’re not going to talk about how I lost!

I didn’t sleep well even being so tired so here comes a day! I’m going to try to get through and to a nap this afternoon.

I have to say I had a pretty cool talk with Mike last night, new on our team. He reminded me that when things don’t work out, it’s time to start thinking about what we can and cannot control, make decisions when we’re ready, and it’s always possible to rebuild. A very positive and much needed conversation!

And Amy was super sweet in some messaging.

I’m feeling a little better today.

I really do need to make some changes.

Happy to report 4 lbs down on the scale this morning! Keep it up!

Happy to report Diesel was in a decent mood yesterday before I left for pool too. It had been a minute since I’ve seen him exert a little energy. He sat outside with me even, which he hadn’t done much of over the past few days. Hopefully his injury is healing.

Ugh. Have to get ready for work!

Meds/vitamins. Water. Coffee. News. Dogs.


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