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November 11, 2023 ~ A Good, Full Day

Good morning!

I put in a good, full day of work yesterday which started around 5am. So, crashed last night! I stayed on the sofa and moved to the bed... that's what I did with myself. It was a good work week and how I feel on Fridays is usually a good indicator.

Had a great day of texts with T too. He's very sweet. We may be going sky-diving weather-permitting Sunday? Really? Looks like we may be walking Diesel and Riley together today. They need out of this house and it'll be nice to have company.

I'm sitting on my bed with the news going, coffee and paperwork on my lap. It's early! This can only lead to good things.

Probably head to the grocery store in a bit, then for the walk... then may go see my girls. Gabby says they're home and free today. 🥰

Back to my paperwork. Maybe I'll write some too. Have an amazing day!

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