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November 13, 2023 ~ A Great Day!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Yesterday turned out to be a great day in many ways... but let me start by talking a little more about Saturday.

Saturday afternoon I received an invitation to get together later that evening from my new love interest, but, like I told him, I may have plans with a girlfriend to go dancing. I took a nice nap and checked with her later, around 9pm, but she'd decided to stay in.

I messaged T, and went out hoping to run into him. I didn't hear from him.

But, I did run into another person of interest, and spoke to him for hours. I made a good decision not to strike things up with him again that night BUT... had a lot to process from our conversation yesterday. This was the man that I saw for a brief time last year as I was slipping into an episode. The man that was kind enough NOT to make things worse for me at the time than he did. He could have been terrible. There are worse things a person can do than ghost someone having a problem like mine. He even tried to help me get help by sharing his concerns with my friends.

It's ok that I didn't hear from him yesterday. I'm no less than a PACKAGE complete with potential for more challenges in the future. I don't want a man calling me who doesn't completely understand this, and who isn't ready or able to commit at some point in time in the not too distant future.

My interest from last year, his lifestyle isn't conducive to a healthy relationship, that I could see. Though that doesn't mean he couldn't make some positive changes. We all have the ability to learn and grow. A man who has never been married or had children... at 53 years old... he didn't live this long without learning a few things.

Knowing not to get my hopes up or jump in too quickly or how many other things might be on his mind...

Unless he was putting on a good act, which yes, it absolutely could have been, but I don't think it was, he was genuinely grateful to see me happy and healthy. I believe this and this was VERY good. The chemistry still existed, but chemistry can be found elsewhere I know. So what happened was just... nice.

Good decisions were made Saturday and Sunday. I have peace with it.

On another topic, I'm so grateful for my health that I was able to help my kids in preparing their house for their baby next month. I cleaned the kitchen pretty well, washed some windows, and helped a bit in the baby's room. I was able to take the dogs over with me which I love as always, because they spend way too much time cooped up in this house. And I came home.

I also had a friend over last night which was really nice. It was nice to have someone to talk to. And he was a gentleman. I told him I was a bit down and why. He knows how much I want a good relationship.

What do I need in a man? Someone who is a gentleman. Consistent and kind. Who stays true to his word. Understands my challenges. Provides positive feedback. Keeps promises. Does NOT let me down.

This morning: Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee. Medical evaluation from a visitor from SignifyHealth? Had my insurance info incorrect. I hope Courney's able to bill my new insurer for her time. I measured 5'8" 163 lbs. Not bad! Considering I was 168 in the am last week. I'm showered and dressed and about to walk out the door. Ad's scheduled. Blog almost posted. A little bit of writing in my book even this morning.

It's already been an amazing day for me. Hope you are having one too!

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