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November 15, 2023 ~ Up Early!

Well! I went to sleep at 8:30pm because yesterday was such a LONG day! Considering I'm almost 50, I shouldn't be so proud of how well my green beans and corn on the cob turned out for the party. Lol. I just knew I was going to kill them. They were perfect.

Home after the party, then a special trip to take wanton soup to Gabby, who now has a cold on top of her cracked ribs and pregnancy. Poor thing!

Kalob, sweetheart, was in rare form. My heart is hurting for him as he is sorting things out. Taking a stand. I'll stop there.

I heard from him! Was sleeping... but woke to a message. 🥰

I have to plan my workday but am in no hurry as I'm up AT 4AM. Oy! Looks like it'll be a nap this afternoon before pool but that's ok. I needed to get to sleep early last night.

If I get my workday planned early enough, I plan a read of my book. It's really coming along. I'm almost ready to share a rough draft. Need to look into the contents of forewords I think. And reach out to my friend who knows the process of self-publishing.

I'm seriously thinking about sharing my blog more openly soon. I think I've been doing it long enough that I can trust I'm able to keep everything legal and real.

A little bit of my day to day, and a dash of the past here and there. It might really help people who struggle similarly.

Hmmmm... need to remember to mention some of the tedious. Two trips to two different pharmacies on Monday because of the crazy different charges of meds between pharmacies. People who manage meds like I do need to be mindful of what they are being charged and where.

I also received a call yesterday from my doctor's office confirming they're about to resend my med report to the DMV for this year, at my request. They did it once but I haven't received confirmation that it was received by the DMV yet so they agreed to try again. This was a real problem in the past and I'm grateful the doctors office is going above and beyond because a couple of years ago, problems resulted in the temporary suspension of my license.

Anyway... a blog about a single woman with mental health challenges living alone in the US in 2023 and all of the wonderful issues that come with it. 😉

Oh! It looks like we may be traveling to Pittsburgh over the holiday weekend next week! Loving the idea of all of the time with my kids and my parents.

And spoke to my mom for a bit on the phone last night. She's well. 74 years old and playing pickle ball! Told her I'd try to pick it up here soon so I can play with her someday. I'm so proud of her.

Have an amazing day!

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